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Stupidest face ever.

Rin says: Like, if you ever wanted to be both adoring and afraid of someone operating on you call Simmons.

Sophy says: Would terrifying ocular surgery be worth it to see this first-hand? Possibly.



Best creepiest flash mob ever.

Rin says: Talk about opening an episode with a bang. And a creepy one at that. I also want to go to Stockholm just for its train station, seriously! They’re not supposed to be that creatively awesome. <3

The red masks were awesome! And I like how it turned out that they weren’t even evil.

THOUGHT TO BE FAIR, if you really wanted to transport that much in diamonds would you use a tactic that STOOD OUT SO VIOLENTLY? I mean. Why wouldn’t you just dress them all as civilians and make them blend in? Rofl.

Sophy says: I’m still pretty sure the guys in the red masks were evil, okay. They may not have been evil in a way that was relevant to the plot but like, what the fuck kind of person agrees to a red mask flashmob for any reason other than that they are evil and want to terrify people.

I think they wanted them to look exactly the same so that absolutely nobody, including the casino people, and therefore including Amador, would have any clues to work with in terms of which one had the magic briefcase. But I wholeheartedly agree that perhaps a simple balaclava might have been less fucking terrifying.

I mean red? SERIOUSLY RED? At least make them pink. Pink is less threatening.


Best Reminder that Joss is back :’)

“I still don’t know much about you… Except for you value really old stuff. And you value me.”


There’s something about the word value that I’ll always attribute to being very Faberry.

STOP SHOW. You are making things already go to that place where I feel like I will be crying over these two in the future. BECAUSE IT’S JUST… beautiful. :-.

These two are the heart of the show by far and I love that it comes in the form of a father-daughter type deal. HE’S HER GILES OKAY? (Have I said that before?) And I love how the whole Amadour storyline feeds back to these two and the relationship they’re forming, and the general theme of this episode being second chances. Not giving up on the people you care about. That’ll continue way more heavily into the next episode, and I had tears in my eyes about it. So look forward to that.


I think the show will grow a few hearts over time as Joss shows always do, but Coulson/Skye is shaping up to be a pretty special one. And I don’t care if we’ve said he’s her Giles already. HE’S HER GILES. SING IT! A Giles is like, better than a lobster.

See we’re in this worrying place where we’re behind on recapping and have totally caved and watched the episode when it came out anyway and now we just want to spill our guts about it right now. But we will refrain. For now I will just say that I found it phenomenally endearing that Skye actually vocalized what she was sensing rith Coulson – that he valued her. Because let’s not kid ourselves that she was speaking from a cold hard useful kind of perspective. Skye could be useful to a whole lot of people and she knows it – it was amply demonstrated to her and to us in the previous episode and I don’t think she’s ever exactly been insecure about her skills. What she likes about Coulson is that he’s kind to her – he likes her, maybe. That’s what nobody’s been for her in a very long time. Somebody who respects her and thinks she is worth time and effort and second chances. And maybe she’s the kind of orphan that’s always looking for a parent – is there really any other?

I swear I was already going to say that before watching the next episode.

I also really loved the way the episode was framed with their little scenes in the car and that the sexy cliche of two of them in the backseat together in the dark was so profoundly unsexy because she acts like such a kid with him. I straight up wanted to cry when she used giving him a non-update on Amador’s status as a reason to come talk to him about her day. And when she told him he was “cool”. And “AC”. Oh man.

Also really loved the way their bonding sessions tied in entirely with the plot of the week – both in terms of the idea of finding peace and that what Skye liked about Coulson was that he gave second chances, and that she didn’t just like it she respected it – “even if she tried to kill me and I kind of hate her guts.” Given all the flack he was getting for going out on a limb for Amador, I think it was really important to him that she had that faith in him and what he was trying to do for someone who needed it.

SHE’S HIS BUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Reminder that Joss is LOL

“Did you never learn the thing that boy parts and girl parts are different, and our parts aren’t penises?”

Rin says: This whole sequence was hilarious because these guys are literally the worst field agents ever. And I love how they continue to play that up with how ignorant they are as a group.


And then she is genuinely angry and confused about why Ward hung up.

My babies.

ALSO ANOTHER LITTLE DETAIL I LOVED is when Simmons is going through to find the water bottle, there’s a GUN on top and they just take it out and put it somewhere else. Like.. a gun? WHY WOULD WE EVER NEED A GUN :-j Get out gun :-j

Sophy says: They were so adorable oh god. I’m also really pleased to see that too-cool-for-school Skye is not really too-cool-for-school Skye. At first she seemed like she might be a serious business streamlined kind of character who ran rings around people and charmed the pants off all the guys and was generally badass and couldn’t hold a candle to Fitzsimmons in the cute department. But she’s proven me wrong episode by episode and now here she is in this van being as much of a loser as anyone could be. She’s one of the kids, you know? If she’s in a group at SHIELD it’s the kids’ group. I like this.

Also one of my favorite things in the world ever is Simmons being really excited about going to Zloda on account of how it’s near the birthplace of some Nobel prize-winning physicist and then being straight-up disappointed in Fitz for not knowing it. And then he got all huffy. “Well, no, of course I know who that is, father of heterostructure transistors, thank you very much. We’re all well aware of that.” Perfection.

Rin says: Also the way the three of them clutched their belongings while riding in the back. Seriously.


Seduce him.

Rin says: =)) =)) =))

Best. His little helpless face.

Also I really wished he had danced sexily for the guy, but whatever.


The tiny little “Help” was so cute. You’re growing on me Grant. Keep it up.


Cutest of the Scoobies

“There are only a few women in the world who could pull off something so impossible. Since you’re on the bus, I thought it had to be her.”

Rin says: Continuing to reference May as one of the most dangerous women on the planet is the best thing ever.

And May is just like. ‘Damn straight, R-E-S-P-E-C-T!’

And Skye’s face.

Sophy says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. And not just dangerous, like… smart and fast and generally kind of magic in a human body. It turns out that Amador actually has robot parts in her that are getting a lot of the impossible done, which makes it all the more adorable that Coulson thinks May could manage it all on her awesome own.


Please sir, we’d like some more

“You told me you were ready for combat, that you had my back.”
“Don’t ever doubt it. But you are defending this girl at the expense of the team.”

Rin says: Okay, so I know I said Coulson/Skye was the heart of the show, but these two are starting to become part of that too.

We keep putting these two in this category and they keep delivering but we still want more. Their history is interesting and I want to know what they went through together in order to have such a strong bond of respect and caring.. and I still want to know what May’s damage is. It’s great how they continue to reveal more about May the longer she’s with these guys on the team. How already she’s starting to loosen up and genuinely care for not only Coulson but the rest of the team. She will fight for their safety even if it means going against Coulson.

Also later when Skye says getting hit by a truck wasn’t as bad as watching ‘mom and dad fight downstairs’.


Sophy says: I really want to know how much she knows about how Coulson is in the land of the living. I think that’s why she’s so worried about him and it’s also why she’s back in combat mode even though she doesn’t want to be – perhaps to protect him from winding up in the kind of altercation where some painful and confusing truths about himself may come to light? What is it that has made her so anxious about Coulson and the giving of second chances. It’s hard to believe it was simply that it was a poor move tactically or that Amador wasn’t worthy of it. Was it just that she wanted him away from danger or was it that his “loosened up” behaviour disturbed her like it did Amador? Whatever is going on she was definitely unnerved by Amador’s presence and the fact that she knew they had done something to him. And yes I do think May knows and wasn’t just taken aback by Amador’s question. People are just taken aback are not that defensive.

And yes, yes, more please! More about May and Coulson’s particular history, and about what it is that has made May so gun-shy.

And ‘Mom and Dad’ was the best. THE BEST. And I loved that Coulson responded with the same brisk “That shouldn’t have happened,” as he gave to that whole thing where three of his team nearly died in the pinata-van. He and May fighting is just as unacceptable, you know?


Head In Hands

“Stupid tall person!”


Her little flailing feet.




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    a friend of mine who’s familiar with the SHIELD comics – or something like that – kept telling me before the episode aired that from the pictures the villains would obviously be the Red Army, or something of the sort. And apparently that’s what the red masks were supposed to be a reference to, some villains from the MARVEL universe, but then Whedon went all LOL NOPE DIFFERENT PLOT GUYS which imo is brilliant and my buddy’s face the next day was priceless. He loved the episode. So, yeah. There’s that. I’d give more details but I’m terribly uncultured when it comes to Marvel.

    Great recap and looking forward to the next one because oh my god this show – it feels so good to have Joss back, you don’t even know.

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    Pink is less threatening? Have you guys ever seen Spring Breakers? Of I ever saw a group of people in pink balaklava, I’d run the other way, flailing like an idiot.

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