102 — 0-8-4


“Yeah we’re going to have to kill the fish tank.”

Rin says: I freaked out when Fury showed up. The episode had already ended so strongly so I was already on cloud nine and then HI SAMUEL L. It’s pretty fucking awesome that they could get him to come back for such a small scene, but tbh he probably already has his costume in his home wardrobe with the amount of times he has to show up at the end of all those movies. He probably does his own makeup too.

But I love that it shows how much respect he has for Joss. It seems to be a common theme with everyone who works with Joss, they hear his name and that they’re needed and they come running.

Some probably come running even when they’re not needed.

Sophy says: Okay, I might not exactly be a fan of the movies and therefore am not particularly attached to this Fury person, but it’s still Samuel L Jackson, so I still freaked out.

We would come running to Joss. Or we would fly to him in Hagrid’s beard, to be more precise.

Rin says: Ahhhh Hagrid’s beard. Our most preferred airline.



Joss is turning this show into Firefly. I am okay with that.

Rin says: Aren’t we all thinking it? Look at that ship! It’s basically Serenity.

Sophy says: RAGTAG FAMILY ON A SHINY CRAFT. I like this.


Best Reminder that Joss is back :’)

“I read the safety pamphlet.”
“You might be the first.”

Sophy says: How totally Joss was this? I mean it is just so him to have everything come down to a tiny triviality that you barely even noticed at the time. And it’s just so him to have the day saved by something entirely ordinary and entirely human. Skye read the safety information, nobody dies. (Who actually reads the safety information though? Who will totally read it from now on just in case?)

In also loved that it was a symbol of the way Grant and Skye are forging a connection in terms of working together. He’s the one who gave her the card, after all, and with full stony-faced condescension. And he’s also the one who most directly gets his ass saved because of it – because of her – at the eleventh hour. Team work pays off sometimes, huh, Grant?

Rin says: This was perfect!

Sophy says: I fear that is going to be the most sensible response to a lot of what happens on this show. It’s why I never saw the point in recapping Buffy or, say, Parks and Recreation. It’d just be ‘This was perfect!’ and ‘That was perfect!’ with a whole lot of screencaps in between.


Best Reminder that Joss is LOL

“Her wrist.”

Sophy says: CAVALRY’S HERE! And it’s not a frightened guy with a rock!

Sometimes it’s the people who’ll barely crack a smile that make you laugh the most.

Also, I sort of want Simmons and Melinda to become the kind of really good friends, one of whom irritates the other constantly but in a fond kind of way. That would be a bit perfect.

Rin says: I was laughing out loud when this happened because everyone was so helpless until Melinda woke up.

I also love how “Calvary” is being used as a name for a division or something within Shield and not just an expression.

I am on board for Simmons/Melinda, in any capacity.


Cutest of the Scoobies

“I’ll roll down a window!”


She’s a genius who gets to have ridiculously silly moments like this.

Sophy says: NOT JUST A PRETTY FACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though how cute is it that she’s so impressively clever and then in a time of crisis Skye is the one reading the safety pamphlet and Simmons is just rolling windows down anxiously. Best.



Please sir, we’d like some more


Sophy says: This was probably the best thing about the episode even though it was kind of upsetting. I loved the ending with everybody bonding and becoming Our Kids Together, but the truth is it’s a bit early for that kind of absolute harmony – and maybe it was all just a tiny bit treacly with the trust and the growth and the pieces that make a puzzle and all that. So of course all of it is brilliantly undercut by the fact that grouchy Grant was basically right. Skye is a liability. She cannot be trusted. And we have a long way to go.

Rin says: Yes! It was a great way to end the episode and keep the intrigue going because it’s definitely all too soon for them to start being one big happy family. They have to struggle first! And in no way is nearly dying enough struggling! Especially not in a Joss show. :)

God, I’m so excited. If there’s one thing Joss excels at, it’s character arcs and growth and it not always being the prettiest thing to witness. It’ll be interesting to find out who she’s plotting with. And to be honest I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Amy Acker in a suit, with a scar, named after an alcoholic beverage.


Head In Hands

“Skye… Skye :-j It’s important when in the field to unwind from time to time.”


There was also something about her delivery that reminded me of Lena Headey and I am TOTALLY okay with that. In fact it makes everything better. Her and Fitz are fast becoming my favourites. And I should probably put it out there that I’m shipping them in both a brotp and otp way. It’s confusing but I like it.

Special mention to this angry face.

Sophy says: That angry face is my life now.

Also I should report that Rin is turning into a Simmons stan already. I mean, we both loved FitzSimmons right off the bat, but it’s going to stan places with Rin, in that as soon as the page is up she puts in her commentary for the cute Simmons moments before she can get around to any of the rest. By episode 5 she will probably rip your head off if you leave a less than complimentary comment about this lady. You have been warned.


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  1. Ned
    Ned at · Reply

    This was perfect!

    Firefly… :))) As soon as they were all “how quickly can we get back?!” I was hoping Wash Melinda was going to pull a Crazy Ivan.

    The other one’s name is Grant? I only just now noticed that I didn’t know/care. Weird.

    I really liked the ending with Skye. I suppose it’s done in such a way that you can be Team Skye or Team I Hate Skye, and the scene works just fine either way. I like to think that she’d bought the Shield kool-aid, but this little past reminder pops up and it’s her security blanket and she’s not quite ready to let go, so she replies. But she hesitated. Oh, I hope it works out. Team Optimism! This is Joss what am I doing oh no not again

    And Simmons is lovely, let’s be fair.

    1. Tammy
      Tammy at · Reply

      “The other one’s name is Grant?” HAHAHAHA…it’s funny because it’s true. I had to look his name up the other day making a comment somewhere else. He’s just that other guy.

  2. Tammy
    Tammy at · Reply

    Simmons is the most glorious thing. Glorious enough that, even though Fitz is great and all, and I should want to ship them, NO, I WON’T DO IT, *I* WANT HER DAMMIT. Ahem. Had to get that out of my system.

    This was so good. Yeah, it was the obligatory team building ep because they don’t really know each other, and they have to find out they function better as a team, and blah, blah, cliche this, etc. But no. Joss still makes you care about these characters. You want to know what May’s backstory is, and can’t help but wonder which one of these others will break down her walls first (Simmons…). FitzSimmons are the cutest things to ever cute. And after only 2 eps, it was potentially hurtful that Skye might betray this team. And there’s the other guy, too. ;)

    Thanks, ladies!

  3. Chloe
    Chloe at · Reply

    I really need to start watxhing this show.

    Have either of you ever seen Supernatural? I know you have 101 projects/shows on the go, but if you ever want something new to watch/recap/make my life complete…

  4. Laura
    Laura at · Reply

    I am so glad that you are recapping this!
    Rarely have I been so excited about a show only 3 episodes in…and I think not actually because it’s so objectively great but because of the potential — Simmons!! and Skye! badass Melinda may!! AND unlike with certain show-creators who will create something almost-perfect and then stomp all over your little heart and/or just make the show stupid and not-fun (I’m thinking Lost, House, Glee…so many more), this is Whedonverse! I think technically Joss is just exec producer or something now but still, I feel safe throwing myself into it and knowing that it might make me cry allll the tears (which main character do we think will be first to die? take hot-boring-ward please!) but I’ll still love it.
    Looking forward to many more recaps to come :)

  5. gabirol
    gabirol at · Reply

    You can’t take the Skye from me.

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