RR: Miranda


Rin says: This is an easy recommendation to make. We ourselves were a bit late to the Miranda front and we feel ashamed about it. SAVE YOURSELF THE SHAME AND QUICKLY WATCH THIS SHOW AND ADORE IT. The show is completely ridiculous and it excels in using the old sitcom format to its favour. More than anything this show is such fun and it doesn’t apologise for being silly and over the top. Miranda Hart is kind of a genius and it’s beyond amazing what this little show has achieved. I mean, how many other shows out there has the creator and writer also be the main star? Let alone a female comedian.

You will recognise a few faces, as is to be expected when it comes to british shows. Luke pops up as the most youthful and rugged guest star. Mrs Panda is a..bear with… constant delight. AND FRIGGEN TOM ELLIS FROM THE FADES. Can we all just head in hands now and agree that Miranda is what everyone needs in their life?

Sophy says: This show is really cute, okay. Miranda Hart is really cute and clearly excellent at surrounding herself with equally cute humans. If you like cute, this show will not disappoint, unlike savoury muffins. As Rin says, it is peppered with excellent guest stars you’ll know from this and that. For any fellow dinosaurs, be prepared for Phyllida Erskine-Brown doing things like this:


Now unfortunately once you’ve devoured the first 3 series, as Rophy did, you’ll find yourself having to bear with! for a very, very long time. Miranda will not have time to make us a 4th series until 2015 on account of touring and movies and whatnot and this is what we get for loving her too much. WHY. But don’t let that stop you. Watch now. Suffer the wait with us.

In the meantime, let’s all brainstorm ways we can be more like Miranda. Rophy, for example, are planning to play Where’s Miranda at our next Rophystock. Jury is still out on who wears the hat and scarf.

And fruit friends, anyone?