Marina Bay Sand

Sophy sent round a Ropher email with these pictures of this new hotel in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sand which features a Sky Park with an infinity pool, perched on the top of the three towers of the hotel. It looks quite amazing from this view:

Anyway, there was also a couple of other pictures such as:

The last one especially freaked out Sophy and me. Swimming in the pool would be kinda fun, but LEANING ON THE EDGE? WHY? Why would you do that? Sophy said Heather would happily lean against the edge, and she’d probably be one of those people who also bang on windows high up in skyscrapers. And then we did a little talking amongst ourselves and it was all rather normal until Heather revealed that she would indeed lean against the edge, rather enthusiastically, and she’d be wearing her WONDER WOMAN SWIMMING COSTUME whilst doing so. Sorry, what? Rewind. You have a Wonder Woman swimming costume? Oh Heather Hogan. HEATHER ANNE HOGAN.

First instincts.

She’d make a fantastic superhero. And to be a little more productive, we decided to make a poll about this pool shenanigans. Would YOU lean on the edge? No really, be honest. Well, as honest as the provided answers will let you be.

And our last poll:

I am over the moon about so many people voting with me. It’s kind of amazing. I teased Sophy that more people want me to be with Hermione, than people want her to be with Dudley, but then she pointed out that TWO of the options are actually Sudley-related and if you add them together she beats me by a landslide. I can’t believe I sabotaged myself like that. :( I am delighted to see so many Hermione fans… there such a thing as people who don’t love Hermione? Actually, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.